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House Upon The Hill


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  1. Apr 22,  · House Upon The Hill Lyrics: Ooh / Ooh / From the house upon the hill / All is still / In this battle of Wills / Cause you don't know how it feels / Upon .
  2. Lyrics to 'House Upon The Hill' by Chris Velan. This house Called us on the other coast It knew that weâ####d become a ghost It said as far as .
  3. Jul 21,  · (the lyrics is incomplete, but I tried the best I could Ooh, from the house upon the hill all is still in this battle of wills 'cause you don't know how I feel upon this? this trip isn't real And we'll forget who we are Old tattoos and battle scars Still have a heart that sometimes breaks Still have a mind that lies awake Still and up six feet underground Still the same world spinning .
  4. House On A Hill Lyrics Amanda Lindsey Cook. Verse 1 It’s quiet In this house upon the hill You won’t mind it Some things you can’t know till you’re still In the silence Let your spinning thoughts slow down In the stillness Things have a way of working out. Chorus Allow Me to introduce Myself again I’m the One that knew You before time.
  5. In the house upon the hill. MRS. MEDLOCK: He's a hunchback, you see. And a sour young man he was, and got no good of all his mobney and a big place till he were married. MARY: To my Aunt Lily? MRS. MEDLOCK: She were a sweet, pretty thing and he'd have walked the world over to get her a blade of grass that she wanted. When she died, it made him.
  6. Apr 12,  · [Intro] G6 [Verse 1] G It's quiet D In this house upon a hill G/B You won't mind it C Some things you can't know 'til you're still G In the silence D Where your spinning thoughts slow down Em In the stillness C Things have a way of working out [Chorus 1] G D5 Allow me to introduce myself again Em7 C2 I'm the one who knew you before time began G.
  7. In the house upon the hill How I want to Show you I am real Allow Me to introduce Myself again I'm the Love you used to think could not exist I'm as sure as where you're standing and as free as the wind You don't have to reach for Me, 'cause this .
  8. Was this house upon the hill High above the great and mighty river My hand could not hold the brushes Yes I guess I lost my will And you can't keep painting paradise forever Oh forever From the Andes to Niagara To where we stand today I drew the great creations of my master 'Til the oil and the canvas Lord I threw them all away.